Saturday, January 28, 2017

Leadership is not always pretty or cloaked in politically correct or cute phrases, but it is easy to recognize.

Trump is decisive like a person that has been successful in business. Professional politicians will never understand him. These people typically owe their jobs to other politicians they support rather than what they earned in the world of real business. A perfect example is the situation now with Mexico. 

Trump's position is if they do not wish to talk, then he will build the wall another way. That is the business person's approach. In the end, Mexico will pay one way or another. With the drop in the peso value, they are paying now.  

On November 15, 2016, the Bank of France made projections that the policies put forward by president-elect Trump would result in more than a 40% reduction in Mexico's economic growth in 2017, taking it down from 2.8% to 1.6%, this projection caused further instability in the peso. On January 1, 2017, the price of gasoline and diesel rose significantly. Mexicans refer to this as "Gasolinazo", roughly meaning being screwed by gasoline prices. Regular gasoline rose as much as 18% here in Baja and premium and diesel rose as much as 24%.

Trump, thank heaven, is not influenced by the politician's misplaced-sacred view of world of opinion. Trump said he was going to do it. He was elected and now he is doing it. Politicians will never understand Trump because politicians' action are typically guided by being reelected, (they need the job until they can write their book) and the polls. Trump does not need the job. He does not drape himself in the artificial tapestries of the presidency, but chooses to get to work, takes only a $1 of salary and decries vacations because of the work that must be done.

If Trump had listened to the polls, he would have dropped out of the race two months after he began. And despite this impeachment of the polls, the politicians keep citing polls as if their credibility still existed.

I am a Trump supporter. Leadership is not always pretty or cloaked in politically correct or cute phrases, but it is easy to recognize. Make no mistake.  Trump is a leader. He called out Chicago as he should. And it was about time.